Sunday, May 27, 2012

Seattle Folklife

It was a beautiful day at Seattle Center yesterday when we took in the 41st annual Northwest Folklife Festival. It's one of my favorite Seattle events of the year.  It's the the largest free cultural arts and music festival in North America, showcasing hundreds of bands, dance troupes, street performers and other representatives of the lives of folks from around the world.

The event attracts over 200,000 spectators and participants each year.  A lot of them were there yesterday because the weather was spectacular...the perfect amount of sun, breezes & warm temperatures.  It was lovely being able to stroll around listening to live music while snacking on some great food and taking in all the cultural eye candy that surrounded us.

I wasn't fast enough to snap photos of some of the gorgeous folk costumes that we saw.  The most beautiful were from a large contingent of Indian performers.  This year there was even a new Bollywood dance event to enjoy.  Very cool.  Bollywood dance is becoming quite popular in these parts as both a cultural interest and a great exercise alternative to the gym.  

There were whole families of performers busking on the sidewalks.

There were many serious musicians.  I learned from a friend who's an expert in this area that this group I snapped a photo of has some of the "fastest pickers in the state".  They were great to listen to as their fingers tap danced on the strings.  Loved it.  

There were some geniuine old timers (check out his awesome harmonica holder belt!), and some great showmen.

And the beautiful blue sky...
You gotta love Seattle.


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My kind of festival