Monday, May 14, 2012

How To: Colorful Party Lights

This fun, kid-friendly project is a great affordable idea for spring and summer party decorating and is easy enough for even the smallest hands to create. Our version was inspired by this lovely post at  

Here's what you need: 
  • Plastic cups - translucent rather than clear are less brittle and cut more easily
  • Mod Podge , Acrylic Medium or White Glue (the glue will have less sheen; choose glossy for Mod Podge or Medium for extra sparkle)
  • Scissors
  • Paint Brush
  • Tissue paper - I used 15"X20" sheets
  • Electric Tea Lights

Cut tissue sheets into near-squares - Each 15X20 sheet should make 6

Paint cup with Mod Podge.

Center tissue on bottom of cup and press straight sides of square to cup.

Press points of sheet to cup.

Paint/glue tissue to cup with Mod Podge, making sure folds and overlapped sections are secure.

Allow to dry (about an hour, perhaps more).  Cut four triangles out to make leaf/petal shapes in edges of the cup.  The corners of the tissue squares should be the points of the leaves.  Many other shapes are possible as well.  You are only limited by your imagination and your scissor skills.

Insert tea lights and enjoy!

You can use multiple colors of paper for different effects or cut out shapes. Kids can even color tissue with faces with permanent markers before attaching to cups. The possibilities are endless.

all photos courtesy of Britt McCombs


Paula-Jo said...

Lovely idea!! Thanks for sharing!!

Glow With Us said...

God the tea lights look amazing! If somehow they can be made to be able to float, that will be even more stunning!

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