Friday, August 17, 2012

Clothing Swap Extravaganza

Last night some friends (and friends of friends) and I had a clothing swap. Everyone brought items that were in reasonably good condition, but that no longer fit or got any use for one reason or another.  Most ladies came with one or two bags stuffed with stuff.  We put it all into piles of similar items: shoes in one place, shirts in another, and so on.  

There was one room called the "safe room" where people could put anything that was not up for grabs.  This could be the clothes that you wore when you got there, or anything new that you had found and were laying claim to.  

My pictures are not super exciting (sorry), but I was trying not to snap any that included people who were only partially clothed.  This was very difficult, since everyone pretty much walked around in their underwear trying on things for the majority of the evening.  We also had a big vat of sangria and some snacks.  It was really fun.  I highly recommend the concept.

Someone even brought a few dog clothes.  I wish I had snapped a picture of Ernie wearing his new sweater. He was only slightly OK with it, since it was a very hot Seattle evening.  He'll be dapper come Fall though!

I think everyone ended up with some great stuff (I know I did) and all of the unclaimed items will be donated to a women's shelter or for the victims of the Taylor Bridge fire in central Washington.