Sunday, January 15, 2012

Family Camping Essentials List

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Amy said...

Found this on pinterest.

THANK YOU! This is the best 'essentials' list I could find. I haven't been camping since I was 10 years old, so I wasn't sure what would be necessary anymore. Very helpful!

Anonymous said...

We take a hot water kettle/pot and premake hot choc. (We dont drink coffee). We also have a big grate we bring for the fire.. its wonderful for smaller pots, open breads, tortillas, keeping things warm on the edge of the fire. I also bring my cast iron kettle and warm it on said rack, then pour in a cake mix along with a pudding mix. I then nestle it in some coals (while the fire is low and off to one side). I use choc, becuz it gets a smoky, mocha flavor..some areas scorch/burn a little..but the rest is amazing!! Try it.

Anonymous said...

Hotpads.. not fancy ones, either. Haha.
Small throw pillows.
Pet food/water bowl (only put enuf water to let them drink, then cover or toss...mosquito and larvae thank you.)
Any other pet items..leash, extra collar, towels for them.
mirror (just in case).

Anonymous said...

Great article , thank you for sharing. I always save my dryer lint for kindling. It takes up almost no space and lights very well.

ASBloom said...

Great additions to the list! Thanks everyone!

Michael Silver said...

thanks for the essentials list here :D really help us a lot! and you had a great image here. i like it :D please post more and share it :)

Bethany Kellett said...

Thank you for providing a detailed list of gear, cooking items, and miscellaneous things to bring! Very helpful!

Alli said...

Great list, thank-you. After my last camping trip 2 weeks ago, I realized there were a lot of things I forgot or didn't think of. I started making my own list, but then found yours which was a big help.

HRH Sarah said...

My daughter and I both cracked up seeing glow sticks on the list... We have found that life is just better when there are a couple packs of glow sticks involved ;)

Denise said...

Where did you get the small storage box that your tic tac spices were put in? I've looked all over!
Thanking you,

ASBloom said...

I got that box at a store called Daiso, which is a Japanese dollar store chain that we have here in the Northwest. They have a website as well, but only carry a few items on it.

littlegreencares said...

Hi, thank you very much for help. I am going to test that in the near future. Cheers.

Kids Essentials

Adventuress808 said...

How do you put the spice names on?