Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Seattle's Great Wheel

Yesterday we took a trip down to the waterfront in Seattle and got to ride on the Great Wheel at Pier 57.  The weather could have been better, but it didn't really matter.  It was a really fun, and slightly unsettling ride.  I'm not afraid of heights and wasn't expecting to have any issues with riding in an enclosed gondola, but I did.  It's very tall (200 feet) and dwarfs the other structures at the waterfront.  It's 1/3 the height of the Space Needle (604 feet)...spinning. An even more amazing comparison is with the London Eye ferris wheel, which is more than double the size at 443 feet tall.  Gulp.


The views of downtown are to die for.

It's well worth the time and money to go for a ride.  Whether you live here in Seattle or are visiting from out of town, you should check it out!

Think Before You Speak Poster

Here's a printable 8.5x11 poster that I made of the "THINK before you speak" maxim.  I have to remind my kids of this regularly...myself, too.  Feel free to print one for yourself, or as a not-so-subtle message to someone you know. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Soap Label Art

Introducing the new packaging for Fish Tale Soap, Sasquatch Soap and Lavender Lover Soap!

I think these new labels are a just great, don't you?  They're much more eye-popping than the old ones.  I'm so pleased...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Repurposed TicTac Boxes for Travel Spices

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Tough Chick Soap

I have a new One Batch bare bar soap available on the website today.  It's called Tough Chick Soap because it's a mixture of floral, feminine sweetness and rough and tough ground organic oats.  It's scented with fine French lavender essential oil and is made with honey from the Ballard Bee Company.  The smell is a complex, sweet floral.  It's lovely.  You should try some!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mountain Beaver Capitol of the Known Universe

A continuation of The Saga...

Part 1        Part 2        Part 3

Part 4:  My husband spotted a NEW interloper in our rockery yesterday while he was gardening.  This guy is even less attractive.  And look how he's trying to stare me down.  Or maybe he's trying to smile for the camera.  He didn't even try to run away.  What cojones!

We've named this guy Beavis.

Repurposed Camping Matches Container

Look at the cool little thing that I put together to hold our matches when we go camping!  

I got the idea from this blog post, which I think is really cute but sort of impractical for camping because of the glass.  We occasionally buy gum in these plastic containers that I realized would be perfect to repurpose for the job because it won't break, yet will keep the matches nice and dry.  I added super fine sandpaper to both the outside and inside of the lid, so there's plenty of place to strike a flame.

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