Saturday, January 15, 2011

Scattered Black & Whites

I thought I'd take this opportunity to let you all know that my dear, music-obsessed husband has started his own blog, and it's quite worth following.  It's called Scattered Black & Whites (the name comes from a song by the band Elbow).  Music and food are his two real loves (after the kids and me, of course).  He plays a certain amount of music himself (guitar and piano and a bit of banjo, lately), but mostly he really appreciates the music that other people make.  Ever since we met in college I've gotten to be extremely lazy because he knows what kinds of music I like, finds great new stuff for me, makes me tune lists (used to be mixed tapes...that shows how long we've been together) and then downloads them onto my iPod.  I have to do NOTHING, except push play.  It's awesome for me.

And now he can do a variation of that for you too!  He goes out and finds some of the greatest new, and not-so-new music and talks about it on his blog, links to it, and does all the work for you.  It covers a huge range of styles: everything from Oldtime to Alternative.  He's done some great interviews with musicians already, too.  He can't upload it onto your iPod though, sorry.

Check it out!