Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What IS that?

"What IS that thing?" you might ask, if you see it sitting on my counter. "It's brilliant!" I'll respond. My sister-in-law bought it for me this weekend when she saw me coveting the one she uses in her Oregon kitchen. So, what do YOU think it is? A wooden whisk? A strange paper towel holder? I child "disciplining" tool? A rustic candle stick? No...it's a...wait for it...

Plastic bag drying rack!! Isn't that great?!! My grandma Evie always used to wash out her plastic bags (even the flimsy produce kind) and reuse them many times. She would hang them on the clothes line to dry. The sight of plastic bags flapping around in the wind is a vivid childhood memory of mine. I don't save produce bags, but I do reuse Ziplock style bags over and over again. Usually I just hang them upside down on an empty bottle, or try to prop them open on the counter, but neither of those methods has worked great, especially if I have several to dry at once.

So check out this puppy! When it's closed, it takes up very little space in a drawer or cupboard. When it's opened (by pushing down the wooden spacer), you can dry several larger bags and up to eight smaller ones.

My husband thought I was crazy to get so excited, but now he thinks it's cool too. I love practical ingenuity!!


Anonymous said...

Love that! I have a kitchen drawer full of used plastic bags, twist ties, rubber bands, reusable aluminum foil..and I could add this in easily! It would be the only thing that would differentiate this drawer from the drawer in my mom's kitchen when I was a kid!

Marja aka Glass Elements said...

Love it! I always hang mine from the cabinets above the sink - this is so much better! :)

Anonymous said...

Love This!! I am new to reusing my plastic bags, and this is GREAT!

Jennifer said...

Hi Jenn from www.againbags.com here! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I make reusable snack and sandwich bags and this is just fantastic!
Thanks for sharing and where can I get one!


ASBloom said...

Hello Jenn! Thanks for the nice comment. It looks like your company has some great products too!

Sorry the link to the drying rack was broken before. It's fixed in the post text now.