Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Custom Display Racks

A couple years ago I built myself some display racks for craft fairs and such. I did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself. However, I am not trained in fine woodworking and joinery, plus I don't really have the proper tools to produce the highest quality racks. So they fell apart from overuse and transport. Well, one of them did. The other one still works OK, but I needed more than one.

Constructing the display racks fell into the same category as sewing the couch slipcover that I made a number of years ago: loved doing it, was totally proud of myself and my craftswomanship, but would sooner be eaten by a mountain beaver than do the project again. Once is enough.

Consequently, I was thrilled last December to meet a gentleman with all the skills, tools and patience that I lack. His name is Jerry and he made me some BEAUTIFUL new displays, so I wanted to share. Maybe you need some display racks too?

Jerry had a look at the displays that I had already made (he thought they were pretty good, considering) and we discussed my overall needs: they needed to be portable, durable, collapsible and sturdy enough to not blow over with a big gust of wind. This is what Jerry came up with...

This is what they look like totally collapsed, with a decorative carrying "handle" at the top. The two side wings have wooden pegs that fit into holes on the underside of the shelves and then are secured with latches, which locks the whole thing in place for easy transport.

Once the sides are unlatched and opened, the bottom shelf flips down (on hinges) and locks into place with two little tab/groove thingies. This prevents the sides from flaring out too far.

Then the other three shelves can be easily flipped down into place to rest on the wooden pegs, making a stable, awesomely brilliant display stand. Can you tell that I like them?

Jerry paid lots of attention to details. The joinery is excellent and they are nicely finished in black. They are easy to open and close and fit flat in my garage and car for storage and transport. This is his contact info, in case you live in the Seattle area and are in need of some custom displays yourself.

And here they are being put to use. They've made my set-up and take down at shows SO much easier and pleasant. Thanks Jerry!


kim_wilton said...

Nice job, Jerry!
Yours were good, too, Anne. :)

Walton Lee said...

Good work.I like display racks.All are really beautiful. display racks are also helpful in exhibitions and trade shows to display products in an effective way.

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