Sunday, March 25, 2012

You Dirty Dog!

After many months of planning and recipe tweaking, I'm finally ready to introduce our newest creation:  Dirty Dog Soap!

We've been using it on our own dirty dog, Murdoch.

He LOVES it...see? maybe love isn't exactly the best word, but it makes him smell quite fresh and clean and leaves his coat incredibly soft and fluffy.  He seems to like it a lot once he's out of the bath.

I think there's a trace of a proud smile here.  Perhaps.

Dirty Dog Soap could actually be categorized as a shampoo bar, since it contains natural ingredients like jojoba, coconut and castor oils, which make a wonderfully rich lather and moisturize the hair and skin.  The bar is scented with a pure essential oil blend of peppermint, lemongrass & lavender.  This mixture is fresh and invigorating as well as being severely disliked by bugs and little beasties.  The yellow flecks of color in the bar come from the calendula flower which is often used to heal, soften and sooth dry skin.

I should mention too, that there's absolutely nothing that makes this soap unsuitable for humans.  The ingredients are identical to those found in human shampoo and bath  bars.  The smell is wonderful and the lather sensational.  This is a soap the entire family will love...including the furriest members. 


Donna OShaughnessy said...

Your puppy looks fantastic! I love shampoo bars whether I make them for humans or our pets. Yours looks lovely

Anne-Marie said...

What a cute puppy! I bet he just loved the new soap you made!

ASBloom said...

Thanks Ladies! Murdoch does seem to like the soap. I personally like using a solid shampoo with dogs better anyway because it's easier to wash their stomach than with a liquid shampoo. It doesn't run off before it gets worked into the hair. This is important with a squirming bather. :-)

jenniferparker said...

Congrats! We were only recently introduced to Harry the Dirty Dog and love it.

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Andrew Marsh said...

Does this mean that I can take a bath with my pet and we are using the same soap? That's so cool. How about hair growth shampoo?