Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Mummy Dogs

Halloween is coming up next week.  Do you have a party planned?  Will there be kids there?  Or maybe kids in the bodies of adults?  My friend Britt made these great Halloween themed pigs in a blanket for a recent  party that she hosted, and I had to share them.  They're adorable:  Halloween Mummy Dogs.  Who knew decaying corpses could be so cute!

Start with the normal pigs in a blanket ingredients: 'Lil Smokies hot dogs & crescent roll dough, plus caraway seeds.

Slice the crescent roll dough into long strips to simulate mummy's wrap (disregard the perforated lines that the dough come with in the package).

Wrap each hot dog with the strips, leaving a little opening for what will be the face, adding the caraway seeds for eyes.

Bake, plate, and serve...with a little tomato blood.   Bwahahahahaha!!! 

Happy Halloween!