Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Local Honey Buzz

I am very happy to announce that Seattle Sundries is now using honey (and soon beeswax) produced by neighborhood bees and gathered by the Ballard Bee Company..."Keeping the Bee in Ballard."

The very friendly and accommodating owners of Ballard Bee Co. (Corky Luster and Karen Percelle) place hives all around Ballard, which means the honey collected is a true reflection of our neighborhood and the " diverse plants that thrive in our local gardens and parks." They supply select local restaurants and grocers with the raw honey that they harvest.

The city of Seattle allows a maximum of four hives per lot in city limits, so Ballard Bee Co. has set up "hosting" relationships with neighborhood residents who are willing to have hives placed on their property, and be maintained by BBC. I'm considering getting on the waiting list for hives to be placed at our house. BBC also rents hives and does consultation work for folks interested in learning beekeeping themselves. It's awesome!

To read more about the Ballard Bee Company, visit their website and read the interview done on Good stuff!!

photo courtesy of the Ballard Bee Co. website


Chaitrav said...

Hi Anne,
I love your soaps. I got as gifts from Courtney and it is just amazing. Thanks for sharing your comments on meylah. That's how I found you!

ASBloom said...

Thanks Chaitrav! I'm so glad you're liking the soaps! Always good to hear...