Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Handmade from Hasenpfeffer!

My new niece was born yesterday and I'm buying for her the greatest little doll! My friend Daniela makes the most beautiful handmade creations at her home on Camano Island. Her company is called Hasenpfeffer Incorporated (yes...remember Lavern and Shirley?) and her shop can be found on Etsy.

Artfulness and creativity should be part of our daily lives. I think it's terribly important to support artists and crafters who take the time to create and make the world a more beautiful and personalized place. Of course you could go to Target or Walmart and buy some (admittedly) cute things, but thousands of other people will have bought the same.

The beauty of Daniela's dolls is that each one is special, to be played with and treasured for a lifetime. They're extremely well-made, from recycled or "up-cycled" materials, with great attention to detail. They're really spectacular! I can't imagine how many hours it must take her to craft each one.

Handmade items are easy to find. Visit your local craft fair, weekend market or go to Etsy or 1000 Markets to see thousands of online shops with handmade items from around the corner and around the world.


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